Substance Devotion

Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal 
2009 - 2013

I began Substance Devotion four years ago as a way to showcase my then budding interest in photography. The title Substance Devotion was created from a combination of two words: the word “substance” refers to the content of the blog and the word “devotion” alludes to the devoted viewers of the blog. Quite obviously, “substance” also connotes the continual presence of legal and illegal substances exploited by the people in the images. In turn, “devotion” also suggests the addictive qualities of drugs - a devotion to substances, of sorts - and, contradictorily, the blog itself maintains a slightly religious, slightly blasphemous tone. I never expected Substance Devotion to evolve into a visual history of my adolescence and early adult life. In my opinion, Substance Devotion is the most in-depth, honest self-portrait one could make: it is my world and the people in it, as shot from the perspective of my left eye. This is a collection of the best moments, and the best pictures captured over the last three years. They are not in any particular order.

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